Role Replicator can help to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in the maintenance of organizational fields and their replication to affected roles.

Role Replicator also prevents the quality of roles from degrading by detecting manual changes to organizational fields in PFCG.

Role Replicator in Detail

Maintenance of Organizational Fields

Mapping an organizational structure to SAP security roles is a complex challenge. While SAP provides the tools to maintain organizational levels — such as company codes, plants or locations — inside of roles, doing so requires significant administrative effort.

For example, adding a company code to hundreds or thousands of roles after an acquisition is a manual effort that can take anywhere from weeks to months.

Experience has shown that adapting roles for maintaining different organizational levels involves an enormous amount of time for authorization administrators.

Role synchronization

With Role Replicator, role administrators can easily make changes to the organizational structure and replicate those changes to all affected roles with the click of a button.

Additionally, Role Replicator provides status reporting to highlight discrepancies in organizational fields and values between what is defined in the tool and PFCG. The role administrator then has the option of overwriting the manual changes with what is defined in the model.

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Use Case
Role Replicator in action: Mass update roles, users and authorizations.

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