Sustainable Authorization Management With XAMS

Sustainable and transparent authorization management of complex corporate structures in accordance with GDPR cannot be mapped efficiently in the SAP standard system. This makes the development and operation of organizational structures in the role concept not only very time-consuming, but also error-prone. New requirements, in terms of organizational setup and the subsequent changes to organizational structures, tie up important resources.

Role Replicator uses organization sets to define the specific org-values that need to be applied to roles. By utilizing the tools in Role Replicator, implementing and maintaining your organization sets is quick and hassle-free.

  • Automatically transfer existing customization structures from the SAP system.
  • Mass-replicate roles and characteristics of organizational levels in a single step.
  • Apply batch changes to organizational levels.
  • ICS reporting for comparing defined organization sets (target) with SAP roles (actual).

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Our Solution

The following XAMS modules can help you streamline the management of organization data in security roles.

Role Replicator

Reduce time and effort in creating, assigning and maintaining organizational fields and values in roles through mass replication.

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