Temporary Emergency Rights for End Users With XAMS

  • Implementation of a revision-compliant emergency user concept
  • Execution of highly critical activities (maintenance and support) in accordance with compliance requirements
  • Provision of detailed test reports
  • Time and resource savings for administrators through automated allocation of emergency rights (self-service)
  • Emergency rights are always used with your own user ID and thus offer transparency in emergency activities
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Alessandro Banzer
SAP Authorization
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Marc Spitzer
SAP Authorizations
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SAP Emergency User Concept in Detail

Extensive system access that goes beyond the standard authorizations is generally considered as a critical security vulnerability in SAP systems. Nevertheless, this access is necessary to support specialist departments effectively. An emergency user concept enables the controlled and transparent implementation of emergency users and their documentation. It defines the entire process of granting extended authorizations (EAM: Extended Access Management) via emergency users, and meets all requirements for internal and external revision.

With the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), you can easily assign emergency rights to end users via a “backpack.” Therefore, the end user receives the necessary critical authorizations for a limited period and still works with his or her own user (context).

This enables transparent traceability if your users have to provide risky system support. Our consultants implement and configure our XAMS solution, which helps you efficiently and verifiably provide extended rights for emergency actions.

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